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TV & Movies

Make your favourite TV shows unforgettable. Feel the magic of movie night like never before. Let Polk power how you listen with rich, detailed surround sound that thrills the senses.

Whatever You're Watching Is Better with

Great Sound

Whether you're locked into that brand new action flick or swooning over the latest romantic comedy, Polk home theatre speakers elevate your listening experience-and expand the boundaries of what entertainment should sound like.

Hear Every Word Clearly

With patented Voice Adjust technology built into many of our sound bars, you enjoy crystal clear dialogue no matter where you're seated or where the volume's set. It's like whoever's talking onscreen is seated right next to you, so you don't miss a single word. And with additional volume controls-plus listening modes for movies, sports and music-you get a fully customisable sound experience at the push of a button.

discover sound bars with

Voice Adjust

Find Out What Deep Bass Feels Like

From the film's thunderous storm that puts you on the edge of your seat, to that awesome fight scene full of hard-hitting, low-frequency sound-Polk subwoofers deliver rumbles of deep bass you feel at your core. Think of them as the essential component for total sound immersion and more dramatic effect in everything you watch.

Elevate How You Listen with Realistic Surround Sound

Once you hear and feel the full impact of surround sound in your home, movies and TV shows become the gifts that keep on giving. Every time you sit down to watch, you'll know upon first listen that what you see is only complete when Polk powers the sound.

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