In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

Insulate your home with high quality sound from Polk Audio custom instal speakers. Whether in-wall or in-ceiling, these innovative loudspeakers offer high performance with minimal visibility.

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Sound That Vanishes

Take a customized approach to whole home audio with our in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that are out of sight-but never out of earshot. With minimally-flanged designs and exclusive Sheer-Grilles™, easy-to-instal, flush mount models offer high performance audio without interfering with your décor.

Featured Technology

Virtually Invisible

With features, like small diameter designs and paintable grilles, Polk Audio in-wall and in-ceiling speakers disappear into any room.

Simple Setup

Secure, vibration-free installation is easy with options, like Perfect Fit templates, precision flanges, pre-construction brackets and the patented Rotating Cam system.


All Polk Audio loudspeakers are timbre-matched within their series to ensure seamless blending from one speaker to the next in multi-channel systems.

Legendary Sound Quality

Powered by over 40 years of audio heritage, Polk Audio in-wall and in-ceiling speakers deliver dynamic, crystal-clear sound.

Built-In Audio in Every Room

Bask in stylish ambience whilst preserving room real estate. Enjoy superb performance and multi-room, multi-zone, whole-house audio with our easy-to-instal, full-range loudspeakers.