RTiA Series

Pinpoint musical accuracy and big cinema thrills now come in beautifully-finished real wood cabinets. Furnish your home in refined, natural beauty and shockingly realistic sound with the RTiA Series.

Stunning Range

The RTiA Series is full of surprises. From the majesty of an orchestra to the intimacy of an unplugged performance and even the excitement of your favourite movies, RTiA Series loudspeakers never cease to impress with their wide dynamic range.

  • Klippel Distortion Analysis

    Using a laser and sophisticated software to conduct large-scale analysis, the Klippel distortion analyzer optimizes the motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension of drivers in motion to maximise performance at all volumes.

  • Power Port® and Power Port® Plus

    Innovative Power Port® bass venting reduces performance-robbing turbulence, producing bigger, more musical bass with less distortion. When classic Power Port® isn't enough, Power Port® Plus adds two ports and a set of internal plates to further increase bass efficiency for even lower frequency tuning at the highest volume levels.

  • Timbre-Matching

    RTiA Series loudspeakers are all timbre-matched within the series, engineered with the same components and tuning for seamless blending from one speaker to the next in surround sound systems.

Dynamic Balance®

Developed with patented Dynamic BalanceĀ® technology, silk and bicarbonate driver materials are specially tuned to deliver transparent, dynamic sound with sharp details and no hint of strain.

A Tour De Force

Close your eyes on our largest RTiA bookshelf speaker and you'll believe you're listening to floor-standing speakers. RTiA3 bookshelf speakers are perfect for the most demanding home theatre system and the most discerning stereo listener.

The Perfect Blend of Power and Beauty

RTiA1 is the most compact bookshelf speaker in the RTiA lineup and it sounds phenomenal. Its convenient size and solid performance make it a popular choice for both home theatre or music systems. Available in floor-standing, bookshelf, surround and centre channel models, RTiA Series speakers deliver on both acoustics and aesthetics in equal measure.

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