PA D2000.2

Super-efficient class D bridgeable 2-channel mobile audio amplifier

Sleek, Compact, Powerful, and Really Cool

The PA D 2000.2 is capable of bridging a left and right terminal into a single full range channel with higher output power. For instance, the L-/R+ channels when wired correctly will increase the output power from 125W per channel to a 500W channel (for a 4 ohm load). The most common hookups are two full-range channels or a bridged subwoofer channel.

PA D2000.2 Features:

  • Super-efficient class D bridgeable design—runs cooler than conventional amps.
  • High-speed MOSFET switching power supply.
  • Toroidal transformers—help keep the amplifier's sleek design under 2 tall while ensuring plenty of clean, efficient power.
  • Protection—Thermal, DC offset, reverse DC voltage and short circuit protection.
  • FULL, HPF, BPF switch—selects full range, high pass filter, or band-pass filter for dialing in your crossover for the ideal speaker blending.
  • Adjustable low & high pass frequency range—enables you to fine tune the blending of your speakers in their frequency range overlap.
  • Level control—adjusts the gain of the left and right channels to match the output voltage from your head unit.
  • Line level inputs—accepts line level input from a head unit, preamplifier or, equalizer.
  • Line level outputs—provides a full range signal for easy connection to additional amplifiers.
  • Nickel-plated wire terminals & RCA connectors—ensure maximum signal transfer.
  • Stainless steel hardware—used throughout and will not corrode in humid environments.